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Micro-Pure 100 Wipe

  • Micro-pure polyester-cellulose blend material
  • Designed for maximum absorbency and particulate removal
  • Cleanroom processed and packaged


Our Micro-Pure 100 Wipes have been developed with maximum functionality in mind. These wipes are woven from a polyester-cellulose composite, meaning that they have a bulkier, more rugged structure compared to other wipes – without compromising on absorbency. Completely cleanroom processed from beginning to end.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for maximum absorbency
  • Thick, bulky structure allows for robust use
  • Textured surface increases enables increased particulate removal
  • Ultra-low extractable and ion levels
  • Cleanroom packed and double-bagged


  • Excellent for general cleaning where high absorbency is needed
  • Ideally-suited to cleaning precision components and lab equipment
  • Textured surface enhances contaminant-removal capabilities


Completely cleanroom processed, packaged and double-bagged

Quantity varies by wipe size – see box below for more details

Additional information

Part Number



12 x 12, 9 x 9

Pack Qty

150, 300

Part NoDescription Part Number Size Pack Qty Quantity
86312 Micro-Pure 100 Wipe 8630912 x 12150
86309 Micro-Pure 100 Wipe 863099 x 9300