About Us

Superior Cleanroom Products is a global leader in the manufacture of contamination control and critical cleaning products, including cleanroom wipes and mops, cleanroom swabs, cleanroom gloves, cleanroom paper and more.

Our products are used in advanced manufacturing facilities across multiple industry sectors – aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, medical device, microelectronics and pharmaceutical and any environments which require critically clean levels of contamination control.

Superior Cleanroom Products is headquartered in Hong Kong and operates manufacturing facilities in Mexico, China and Ireland. As a vertically integrated manufacturing company, we maintain maximum control over production while minimising costs. Our offices in North America and Europe provide sales and technical support services to our distributors and end user customers.

We are committed to innovation. Therefore, we are constantly expanding our product range and capacity, both as a result of listening to our customers’ requirements, and internal research and development. The quality and consistency of our products is of paramount importance. We have invested in automated in-line machinery, much of which is proprietary, ensuring the consistency of our production output. All our products are supported by best in class testing and quality control standards.

Our flexible manufacturing operations enable us to easily customise products to meet the exact needs of the end-user. Cleanroom wipes, mops and swabs can vary by fabric type, size, shape, solvent selection, saturation level and packaging configuration. We blend chemistries to create unique chemical formulations to improve cleaning performance. Many of our products are available in sterile versions for use in aseptic environments.

We look forward to partnering with you today.