Cleanroom Ergo Ramp
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  • This multi-use ergonomic pad is designed to provide angled back and head support when placed against the edge of a cabinet toe-kick
  • It also features two moulded indentions on the underside of the pad to cushion the knees when kneeling
  • Moulded in 100% ‘closed cell’ foam that is resistant to dirt and oil
  • The Ergo-Ramp has no cut edges or exposed foam cells to meet clean room requirements
  • Lightweight product with built-in handle for ease of transport
  • Approximate product dimensions: 33cm D x 40cm W x 14cm H

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33cm D x 40cm W x 14cm H



Part NoDescription Size Unit Quantity

Cleanroom Ergo Ramp

33cm D x 40cm W x 14cm HEach