Flat Mop Head Tubular Polyester
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Flat Mop Head Tubular Polyester

The Superior polyester flat mop heads are designed for a flat mop system and has been developed from a specially-formulated polyester microfiber material with extremely low particulate levels and a strong level of chemical resistance. This mop head is made from 100% white filament polyester, looped to form edgeless tubular strands that will absorb and encapsulate liquids for maximum operative capacity and performance. The mop head slides easily across floors or walls and is designed to be laundered for re-use, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.


  • 100% white filament polyester construction
  • Tubular corn yarn design with a 1/4” knitted tube
  • Extremely low particulate levels and fiber generation
  • Mop head Superb absorbency
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • Sterilisable: autoclave or gamma
  • Heat resistant
  • Slides easily on walls or floors
  • Launderable for re-use
  • Manufactured in an ISO compliant facility


As part of the Superior Cleanroom products family, this product is recommended for use in critical cleanroom environments. The mop head’s unique flat design provides for smooth sliding and makes it ideal for wiping perforated floor tiles in micro-electronics applications. The mop head fits standard wall mop handles and and is also perfectly compatible with the Superior Stainless Steel Flat Mop Holder & Handle .


1 ea/bag , 50 / Case

Flat packed with a carton liner. Critical environment compatible. Part number and lot number traceable.

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Flat Mop Head Tubular Polyester