Self Wringing Cleanroom Foam Mop
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Self Wringing Cleanroom Foam Mop

Our Self Wringing Cleanroom Foam Mop features a stainless steel handle together with a head that has been developed from special PVC material with non-migrating plasticizer. The fully autoclavable design of this Self Wringing Cleanroom Foam Mop makes it ideal for a wide range of critical cleanroom environments.


  • Designed specifically for cleanrooms
  • Self-wringing, fully autoclavable design
  • Stainless steel construction for optimum cleanliness and corrosion resistance
  • Maintains soft, pliable texture wet or dry
  • Excellent absorption; up to 30 times sponge weight in water
  • 52″ handle with PVC rollers and wringer lever
  • Resists shredding, cracking or tearing for optimum cleanroom compatability
  • Ideal for all wet mopping requirements, applying cleaning solutions or sterile solutions
  • 14″ wide mop head refills simply and easily inserted when old mop head is used
  • Manufacturing process is in line with ISO 9001 quality systems

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Self Wringing Foam Mop System


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