Twill Pattern Polycellulose Wipes
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Twill Pattern Polycellulose Wipes

  • Polycellulose and wood pulp blended material
  • Twill pattern enables easy contaminant collection
  • Cleanroom processed and packaged


Our Twill Pattern Polycellulose Wipes have been developed from a unique blend of polyester, cellulose and organic wood pulp for added absorbency. Manufactured using state-of-the-art hydro-entanglement technology, these wipes are woven into an embossed twill pattern which creates miniature peaks and troughs on the face of the wipe – providing an ideal environment for the isolation and capture of contaminants. Completely cleanroom processed.

Features & Benefits

  • Polyester, cellulose and wood pulp blended material
  • Embossed twill-like pattern captures contaminants with ease
  • Ultra-low particulate generation and chemical extractables
  • Low-lint construction, free of chemical binders
  • Excellent tensile, tear and bursting strength
  • Cleanroom packaged and double-bagged


  • Ideal for all manner of cleanroom environments
  • Robust design allows for deep, aggressive cleaning
  • Suitable for the removal of stubborn contaminants


Completely cleanroom processed, packaged and double-bagged

Quantity varies by wipe size – see below


Additional information

Part Number



12 x 12, 18 x 18, 4 x 4, 9 x 9

Pack Qty

1200, 150, 300

Part NoDescription Part Number Size Pack Qty Quantity
85704 Twill Pattern Polycellulose Wipe 857044 x 41200
85709 Twill Pattern Polycellulose Wipe 857049 x 9300
85712 Twill Pattern Polycellulose Wipe 8570412 x 12150
85718 Twill Pattern Polycellulose Wipe 8570418 x 18150